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Elegant Cranberry Holiday punch

 Have you ever struggled to find the perfect holiday beverage that would suit both young and old?

Well look no further! I think I may have found the perfect holiday punch!

My family requests this punch for every Thanksgiving and Christmas! The kids love it so much that sometimes I have to make two batches!

You will need only 5 ingredients:

-Cranberry juice ( I use diet)
-Ginger Ale (I use diet)
-Pineapple Juice

I choose to use diet ingredients and it tastes amazing, but feel free to use the regular stuff if you want!

I love how elegant this punch looks on a holiday table. You will feel so fancy when you serve it! At least I do!

I wish I could take credit for this delicious recipe, but I found it several years ago online.

You will find the full recipe here.  I hope you give this recipe a try for the holiday season! It looks so beautiful served in a wine glass and so easy to make!



  1. Stunning, thank you!

  2. Cranberry Holiday punch looks amazing in that punch bowl! If I may ask where did you purchase the punch bowl? Absolutely love it.


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