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Seaside Inspired Autumn Foyer


Happy first of September! I wanted to share with you how I chose to decorate my foyer for autumn this year.

As you know, we recently visited the beach, and lets just say it totally stole my heart. Once I was home, I couldn't get the ocean and it's colors out of my mind.

So I decided to bring out all of my shells, and figure out how to merge autumn with them. This particular conch shell below, is actually over 100 years old, and has the most amazing patina!

I was so inspired by the beautiful tones of the shells and also the colors of the ocean, that I decided to take the plunge and paint my pumpkins to match.

I used pumpkins from last year and gave each one a makeover with soft colors of the ocean... lavender, gray, and a soft teal. 

I added muted colored leaves in throughout my display, as well as a few hydrangeas.

I think the pumpkins turned out beautifully! I couldn't forget to add my signature "gold" somewhere, so I gilded the stems, and also a few small pumpkins.

I understand that this is not a traditional autumn look, but...its  just what my heart was looking for.

I enjoy walking into my foyer and seeing all of my precious shells and star fish mixed in with soft, ocean colored pumpkins.

The best part of this display, is that it cost me nothing! I used everything that I already owned, just tweaked them for a different look.

I encourage you to follow your heart with your decor. You don't have to follow trends or buy new every year, to have an unique and pretty vignette!

I hope you enjoyed my "Seaside inspired foyer"! Thank you for visiting!