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French Aubusson rug in the Library

I have always admired French Aubusson rugs. I first learned about Aubusson rugs from two of my very favorite bloggers, Amy at Maison Decor and Courtney from French Country Cottage. They both are so talented and have gorgeous homes, I'm sure you are already following them, but if by chance you are not, definitely give their blogs a visit! 

Aubusson is actually a town on the Creuse River in central France and has been famous for its tapestries and carpets since the 15th century. Aubusson rugs were a sign of wealth and grandness as each one is hand woven and extremely expensive. In fact, a 1786 inventory lists more than 100 Aubusson rugs in the palace of Versailles.  


Most Aubusson rugs feature baroque designs, including lush cabbage rose bouquets and scrolling acanthus leaves in soft muted pastel colors. They are still very much in fashion today.

I found this large gorgeous vintage Aubusson rug on eBay over the summer. I wanted something that would compliment my blue/green walls in our library. Usually a rug this size could be priced close to $1,000 but that is definitely not in my budget. 

I was delighted to find this particular rug for only a couple of hundred dollars and the seller actually gave me a discount of $75 off! The soft colors are perfection! Over the years this rug has seen some fading, but that doesn't bother me at all, I totally embrace all of its imperfections and the wonderful life its lived so far.

This rug is so detailed and honestly brings me so much joy when I walked into the library! Even vacuuming has become fun when you have a rug this pretty!

I now am on the hunt for more Aubusson rugs for other rooms in my home, especially for my foyer and dining room. I have since purchased two, much smaller Aubusson rugs and I will share them with you in another post. Do any of you have Aubusson rugs in your homes? I would love to know!

I will be sharing some Christmas posts with you very soon! I did not get around to decorating much for Halloween this year because of my surgery and having some Christmas projects that I am working on. We will get back into the Halloween fun next year! Thank you so much for stopping by!