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Vintage Valentines Day Chocolate Boxes


Have you started your Valentine's Day decorating yet?  I don't have much Valentine's decor, but what I do collect are vintage heart chocolate boxes.

I absolutely adore vintage heart chocolate boxes, especially in the soft pastel colors.

I have a very small collection of only four boxes. Some are quite stained and tattered, but are still beautiful in my eyes. I found most of them randomly at antique stores for just a few dollars. This year I splurged and ordered the large lacy box in the right hand corner from Etsy.

Even though I don't have a lot of valentine decor, I think my sweet little heart boxes make a big impact.

I wish that candy companies would bring back beautifully decorated chocolate boxes! My husband always buys me a heart shaped box of chocolates each year on Valentines day. The boxes are red and pretty, and I save them because one day they will also be "vintage." He also signs each one which makes them even more special.

I found this vintage figurine of a courting couple at a thrift store for $3. I thought they would be a fitting addition to my valentine mantel.

What are your favorite items to decorate with for Valentine's Day? 

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French Trumeau Mirror

 I want to share a birthday present of mine with you today. 

I have always wanted an antique French Trumeau style mirror.


I found one on Facebook marketplace recently. This mirror is unique, as it has painted floral accents all around its gilded  perimiter.

I love the top with its ornate design and antique painting. I have never seen a Trumeau style mirror quite like this one.

I decided to use my birthday money and buy it!   

It looks so nice above the mantel in the living room flanked by my antique church candelabras. The delicate lady sculpture I  found in Florida during our last trip over the summer. She brings such good memories when I see her.

I am very happy with my Truemeau  mirror even though the purchasing process gave  me tons of anxiety!

The seller was very odd and stopped talking to me for a few days! He actually didn't want to take my money until he knew my husband was okay with me purchasing this mirror! It was such a weird situation!

I'm glad that the purchasing process is over and that my Trumeau style mirror is safely home.  This mirror belonged to the seller's wife's Grandmother who received it in the 1930's.

How about you? Do you find dealing with people on Craigslist and Marketplace also very stressful? As of late I find that its extremely stressful as people are selling items that they promised to hold for me before I can get there! I even offer to pay ahead of time! 

Anyways I hope you enjoyed seeing the new mirror. I love it! 

Today I am celebrating my 36th Birthday and its been a lovely day! I wish you all a lovely day as well!

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