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Vintage Powder Room Sneak Peek

I recently started again on a project that I let get away from me, my downstairs powder room.  I wanted to give a quick sneak peek.

Recently I was sent some amazing products from a company called Hotel Collection and I want to share them with you, in case you love candles like I do.  They are a perfect fit in my vintage powder room. I love how the products have a very chic old Hollywood glam feel to them, and the black goes perfectly with my decor. This candle is called Black Velvet from the Gatsby Collection and is inspired by the Edition Hotel. The scent is a soft floral rose with citrusy lemon and black fig, it smells so good!  The room spray is called Dream On and is inspired by the Westin Hotels.  I have been having fun spritzing it all over my curtains and linens, the aroma is a mixture of white tea, sweet vanilla and cedar. My house smells so welcoming and fancy now! If you would like to shop Hotel Collection click here. Use my discount code Welch_House_190020 for a 20% discount. I love how sophisticated these products make my room look.


The vintage pink wall sink really pops against the black silk damask wallpaper. I have the matching toilet as well, I bought them both for only $50. I think they are unique, and we know that I absolutely love pink. I knew that I wanted a really fancy French style mirror for above the sink. My sink is a 1940's-50's piece and I wanted to combine that seamlessly into my French country style, so I knew that I would need to find a mirror that was a definite show stopper to ground the space and tie everything together.

I found the mirror on Facebook Marketplace. I was looking at this mirror for a few days trying to decided if it was the "one" and sadly it sold. A few days later it popped up on Marketplace again! It was too big for the couple's space that bought it a few days earlier, so I wasted no time in buying it. Fate! This mirror is so fancy and heavy! There are lots and lots of carved roses and other details, in fact, its actually taller than my 7 year old son! It's definitely the "one".

I still have to finish painting the floor, its going to be a black and white checkerboard pattern,  put up the crown molding, and finally install the toilet. This is just a sneak peek, but I'm happy with it so far. I had to keep the light turned on for these photos because its so dark in this room now. You can't tell, but the glass on the antique light fixture is a soft pink. The fixture was already here when we moved in, so I'm assuming that it is probably an original to the house.

I hope you enjoyed the peek! 


Disclaimer: I was gifted products in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

Antique Pulpit Makeover

I came across an old church pulpit on Facebook Marketplace a couple of years ago. 

 The price tag was $20 could I refuse? It sat "as is" for quite sometime until recently when I became inspired to give it a makeover.

I already had this gorgeous rose barbola swag which I love, but something still seemed to be missing. Recently I was out thrifting and I spotted this pair of Christmas ornaments. Light bulbs went off in my head and I knew that they would look perfect with my barbola swag! They were only 99 cents each! I got them home and applied a couple of coats of Waverly dark wax and the details just popped!

 I gave the pulpit a light sanding and then started painting using some leftover white paint that I had around the house.


    Once I had several coats of paint on and everything was dry, I added the rose barbola swag and the end pieces that I found at the thrift store. They really came together nicely!

 Gold paint applied to some areas helped to bring out the details of the pulpit. I gilded the cross and added a rose appliquΓ© that I already had in my stash.

I decided to display my dress form on top for now. Someday I might come across a beautiful religious statue to put there instead, along with a pair of antique altar candleholders.

I do love this piece, but I feel as though it is not quite complete. I may add a stenciled pattern to the sides in gold, or even add a lovely antique wallpaper to the sides, I'm still not sure.

But for $20 I think that I created an unique piece for my home, and that does make me happy.

 Also, I frequently get asked where I got my Marie Antoinette pillow cover, you can find it here in my Amazon store. Its a fun inexpensive cover to have around. I have three actually! lol


I also wanted to share this sweet little doll that was sent to me by one of my readers. Thank you so much to whoever sent her to me, I absolutely adore her and display her on my bookshelves. She is lovely. 

I am so thankful to all of you that read and enjoy my blog, you are truly the very best! Thank you for following along with me on this journey, and for all of the kind comments and encouragement throughout the years.πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’žπŸ™πŸ» It means so much to me!


The New Year has brought some changes to Welch House....

Recently I thrifted this amazing print of the"Girl With a Pearl Earring". 

The print is on canvas and looks very realistic and it even came in this gorgeous frame! I have plans to move her into one of my bathrooms when they get completed.

I promised myself that I would add more color into our home this year. My dear friend Stacy (@shabbystacy on Instagram) gifted me this beautiful decor book by Rachel Ashwell for Christmas, and it wasted no time in giving me inspiration!

The last two years my family and I have traveled to the ocean for our vacation. I had not been to see the ocean since I was five years old and once I came back as an adult it truly captured my heart. I have been graviting towards blues, greens and lavender colors  in my home ever since. When I saw this soft blue color on the wall in the photo below I knew that I wanted to recreate the look in my own home.

I recently painted our library in a beautiful color called "Geyser Steam" by Sherwin Williams and had a bit left over to paint the wall behind the mantel. Its a gorgeous blue/green color that changes in the light.

I also bought a sweet pillow cover featuring Marie Antoinette, I like it so much that I think I will order a few more. To purchase one for yourself, you can find it linked here in my Amazon Store.

The blue wall is so pretty in my eyes. I wanted to expose the brick behind the wall, but my little boy begged me not too, he did approve of the new color though.πŸ’ž

My home is always changing and evolving it seems.

I hope you like the new color and are having a great start to 2021!