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Changes in the Library

There have been some changes recently in the library.

This room has always been a hard one for me to decorate, but I believe its now on its way to being how I want it.

I love french style furniture. I purchased my gold couch set a few years ago on Craiglist. The chair is very regal looking and is my favorite chair to lounge in. The ottoman was a gift from my sister and I recently recovered it in leopard fabric. I love it!

I decided to hang one of my vintage mirrors behind my antique French console table. Eventually the walls here will be redone with french style moldings.

For now the mirror looks nice in my opinion. I did purchase a new leopard rug too. I love leopard! Its actually two rugs, I plan to connect them so that they appear to be one large rug. They are 5x7 and I believe I paid $67 each, which is a great price.

I brought in a big bouquet of flowers from my yard as well. Initially I thought that they were honeysuckle branches, but my sister said that they are actually white lilacs. Lol no wonder, they smelled like lilacs. I have never heard of white lilacs!

Just a peek into the library from the foyer.

I have a new addition hanging over the couch.

I absolutely love antique French trumeau mirrors. I found this photo of one on Pinterest that I just fell in love with, and used it as my inspiration to create my own.

I found the frame for under $1 at a thrift store. The image of the angels is a print that I found for a few dollars at a goodwill store. I used modge podge to adhere it to my board.

The floral swags I found on Etsy. I painted them gold and then used a layer of dark wax over the top.

The mirror underneath was also a goodwill find for under $10. I would like to add some more appliqués underneath the cherub print and maybe also down the sides. I just haven't found what I'm looking for yet.

I decided to hang it over my gold sofa and it love the look. Someday I want to have a French style mantel underneath the mirror.

If you would ask my what my favorite color is, I would say pink without hesitation, but for some reason I always gravitate towards green. There is a lot of green in my home. I chose to paint my mirror with the historical color "Wythe Blue" by Benjamin Moore. It is the same color that I painted the playroom walls with. I used a dark wax over the paint to deepen the color.

Another favorite Craiglist find in the library is this french style china cabinet.

The lady I purchased it from, collected teacups and displayed them here.

Currently I use it to display pretty knick knacks.

I love the handprinted details. Look at the flowers! I also love the damask fabric on the bottom shelf.

The antique French doors lead into the living room.

It has been extremely rainy and cloudy here for weeks! My living room is so dark even in the daytime, its even worse when it rains.

I love the big bouquet of white lilacs on the mantel.

The candlelight is so pretty.

Just some pretty photos for you.

I added the toile fabric on either side of the French doors. It is called "Covington Bosporus".

I hope you enjoyed the library. I am not finished, but its a good start.

I like photography so thats why I always have so many photos. I hope you don't mind!

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French Country Playroom

Not too long after we moved here, it became clear that our son would need a playroom. Our house has five bedrooms, so there was no problem finding a spot. Below is a photo of my Grandpa from when he was in first grade:)

I did struggle however, with how to decorate it.

 Growing up I was so enchanted with nurseries and playrooms that I saw on movies. One of my favorites was in the movie, "Hook" with Robin Williams. As you can see from the photo below, the nursery is elegant, and so magical. It even looks amazing with toys everywhere!

 The transformation for our playroom began last year when I found this antique crib on facebook marketplace for $30. I loved how it was adorned with antique cherub appliqués and floral swags.

So into the playroom it went, not as a crib, but more like a small settee. The vintage riding horse is another craigslist find from when our son was about 2 years old. He loved it back then, and still does today.

A few weeks back, I decided to change the wall color from gray, to a historic color called, "Wythe Blue" by Benjamin Moore. We love it. The color made the room feel so cozy and old fashioned.

Delaine also asked for the ceiling to be painted blue and have clouds. We chose another historic color by Benjamin Moore called, "Yarmouth Blue" for the ceiling. I did my best to paint clouds with acrylic paints. Its very hard to paint a ceiling!

I want to keep the theme elegant, but also gender neutral as we hope to have another baby someday. I decided to hang up this vintage print of "Blue Boy" above the crib.

The chandelier was also a fb marketplace find. I think I paid $20 for it. I had to add my own crystals to it, but the result is so pretty.

Across the room from the crib is a large antique armoire. My sister found this years ago at a garage sale and it works perfectly for toy storage.

Although it is rustic, I think it looks nice in here. This piece I actually used in our last home as an entertainment center. The armoire was so massive that it took up much of the living room, in fact, it wouldn't even fit in our rental house! That should give you an idea of how small my past homes have been.

The sweet dollhouse is a garage sale find from years ago. I paid $40 for it. I am saving it for my daughter someday. Delaine did play with it when he was little as well.

Our sweet Eliza mouse lives in that dollhouse. We picked up this miniature stove for her last year while thrifting during our vacation.

The giant alligator is from Delaine's  first trip to the zoo. The bear is from our first outing as a family after he was born. They are favorites of his.

My French tapestry bench matches perfectly with the new wall color.

It's a nice spot for a toy to take a rest:)

I wasn't planning on having another bed in the playroom,  but a few months back I saw this antique twin headboard on fb marketplace for $20. It reminded me of the crib and I cannot say no to any piece of furniture with appliqués. I love them.

It does take up space though. When I offered to move it into my office, Delaine said that he wanted to keep it in his playroom...he said it would make a good cave. lol

If you look closely he has written his name on the bottom of one of Sheriff Woody's boots...just like the boy in the movie. On the other boot he has drawn a picture of himself. That just melts my heart.

There is large toy closet in this room, as well as storage under the beds. On the wall opposite this bed is a chalkboard wall that he loves to draw on.

 Delaine's actual bedroom does not look like this at all. He decorates it in the way he wants. He has a dragon bedspread, planets and clouds hanging from the ceiling, and more toys everywhere. This is just a spot for him to store his toys and of course to play in! Before I took these photos I found him in here with a fleet of pirate ships all over the floor:) I am glad that he likes his playroom.

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Vintage French Tufted Headboard

Today I decided to tidy up my bedroom to give you a quick tour and show off the new headboard that I found on fb marketplace yesterday.

I have been wanting to get a larger mattress for awhile now. We currently have a full bed, but as I've gotten older, I've grown larger (lol)  and would like a bed a tab bit roomier. I hate to be right up against someone as I sleep, and I like to stretch out.

So I've been on the lookout for a queen or king sized headboard.

I knew I just needed to be patient and let the universe send the perfect one to me.

I have always wanted a big fancy tufted headboard. When I looked for one brand new, the prices were $2,000 and up...just for the headboard!

 To be honest, new furniture doesn't really appeal to me the way that vintage pieces do. I love the history behind the pieces and they are usually better quality, as well as unique.

When I spotted this vintage headboard  on marketplace a few nights ago...I was smitten.

I loved the tufted back and the fancy shape. It definitely said "timeless elegance" to me!

The best part was that it was only $95 and was a queen size! The lady who had it before me used it on her king bed, so I am happy that a king mattress is an option as well.

My husband was kind enough to build me a frame for it last night and mounted the headboard to our full size mattress, so I could enjoy it even though we haven't purchased a bigger mattress yet.

I love it so much!

I deicide to go outside and snip some honeysuckle branches and add them to my bouquet of roses for these pictures.

The bedroom smells so pretty now.

I apologize that I am so behind on blog posts! I started painting our porch ceiling, and wore myself out. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, so if I over do something, a flare usually follows, which can lasts for weeks sometimes.

I would have been fine if I had just painted the porch and rested, but then I went and started tearing out sheetrock in our bathroom to expose a brick wall... and lol it just went downhill from there.

So, I am a bit behind..hopefully I will get some good photos of the playroom this week to share with you!

I had to do a quick post today though, to say hello and share my headboard with you.

I hope you are all doing well. My little boy and I have been spending lots of time outside lately. We started a Butterly Garden this year and I want to share it with you too.

Thank you for visiting today, and I hope to have some more posts for you soon.