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Marie Antoinette Halloween


Welcome to my Marie Antoinette Halloween! My library seemed like the perfect backdrop for my Marie Antoinette skeleton. I came up with this idea randomly when I came across an old Marie Antoinette wig from years past. I plopped it on my skeleton... and Ooh La La  you have a perfect french queen!

Now I know that Marie Antoinette loved her sweets, especially cake. I was super excited that I kept my faux wedding cake from last years Halloween, it would be perfect! I decide to top it with florals, ostrich feathers, and a porcelain venetian lady figurine.

    I also had a faux cupcake from last year, and this rat decided to take a bite.

The rats have totally taken over Marie's cake table.

I found this sweet antique doll over the summer. I decided to set her out because some may find her a bit spooky, although I don't.

She is missing her eyes, but it still think she's sweet.

Marie is busy relaxing in her golden throne chair.

She is enjoying a sip of tea.

I decided to create her a pair of shoes.

I spray painted them gold, and added lace trims and ribbons.

I think she approves.

Yep, she's smiling.

I think she's very comfortable in her French apartment.

A crow has decided to land on her  cobweb covered candelabra.

She's too busy to notice, because she has cake to eat.

Happy Halloween!

I will be back in the next few weeks with Christmas decor.



  1. You are a genius!! This has a very decadent, yet elegantly spooky Versailles vibe about it. You really should be a store window dresser. I love everything!!

  2. This is sooooooooo elegant and classy! You have great talent staging all this! I absolutely loveeeeee it all. We display our skeletons every holiday. Don't have the study room to stage this . But I am definitely going to run with your idea!!! If you have any other photos please, please share them! 🖤


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