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French Country Inspired Closet Makeover

I hope all of my readers are doing well. This is a difficult time for everyone and I just want you all to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Today I wanted to share with you my DIY closet redo and hopefully it will lift your spirits and distract your mind from what is going on in the World right now...just for a little bit.

We actually have two closets in our master bedroom, which is odd for a home as old as ours. This closet was actually added in the 1930's remodel and was once a part of the hallway! About a year ago I had an idea to switch our closets, (this one was my husband's) and create a miniature dressing room/make up room for myself.

My sister had given me a really lovely vintage French style dressing table for Christmas a few years ago and I was delighted to see that it fit perfectly in my new space. Once we installed the dressing table, I lost inspiration for this space...until recently.

I want every space in my home, no matter how small to be beautiful and special. After searching Pinterest, mostly french closets and dressing rooms, I decided on a "Marie Antoinette", "French Country" theme. Lol no surprise, right?

I started by painting my dressing table with Annie Sloan's chalk paint appropriately named "Antoinette". It is a very soft pink with almost a lavender hue. French appliqués in floral swag designs added an elegant charm to the dressing table. The appliqués, knobs and other details were painted in gold.

As you can see in the above photo, I love collecting vintage jewelry boxes and I have them displayed on the closet shelves. They are filled with both of my grandmothers vintage costume jewelry as well as my own collections. I was finally able to buy a gorgeous antique Plateau Mirror recently,  and it has a place of honor here on my dressing table. I also collect vintage and antique hand held mirrors and these two are some of my very favorites.

Here is a "before" photo of my closet. Yes its very messy and ugly, but I try to show "real life" as much as possible. I want to share how an ugly, neglected space, that you might not even think of redoing, can actually be made beautiful, if you have a vision.

Now, a beautiful "after" photo. The light in here was a pull chain light, but I found this beautiful simple chandelier on Amazon for about $30. The crystals are actually glass, not plastic.

In the 1930's, rough pieces of lumber were placed on the walls with nails poking out for hanging up jackets and other clothing accessories. We took those down and I painted the walls a soft pink called "soft white" by Benjamin Moore. I am on a budget and I had just enough of that paint color left over from another project, to finish my closet.

I wanted to make the shelves in my closet a bit more elegant, so after three coats of bright white paint, I put up a beautiful embossed, flexible molding, around the perimeter. Once it was up, I decided to paint it on a budget:)

The mirror that I chose for over my dressing table was a brown mirror that I found at the thrift store $7. All I did was paint it gold, add a French appliqué, some dark wax and it turned out beautifully!

It looks like it could have been an antique to me!

A full view of my closet.

I was very inspired by Courtney of French Country Cottage's closet redo. She took old hat boxes, spray painted them gold and white and used them for storage. I absolutely fell in love with that look and redid boxes that I already had as well as a few from the the thrift store.

I love the elegant, "put together" look that the boxes bring to the shelves. I have special photos and decor sprinkled throughout the shelves. It makes me smile to see the gold frame which holds a picture of my Grandmother and her Sister as well as a sweet miniature French print from my dearest friend Stacy.

Its important that I surround myself with items that truly bring me happiness.

I love collecting little gold trinket boxes.

They are ornate and the filigree is so detailed and pretty. Its a perfect place to display your favorite jewelry.

Another messy before photo. ( I was actually cleaning out the closet here.)

 And now the "after". I can't believe this is the same space!! I had an antique wall light fixture that I secured to my closet door and use it now as a spot to hang my handbags or pretty dresses.

 My husband put up crown molding for me and and also french style wall molding.

 It truly made a difference to this space. My closet looks so elegant and chic now.

 I bought a $6 ceiling medallion off of amazon and painted it gold.

The wall molding is my favorite part of the redo. Below is a picture from Pinterest that was my inspiration for the walls. I wanted it to look like doors.

I did want to add an appliqué, but amazon sold out of the ones that I wanted. Maybe sometime in the future I will add them.

 I love to collect vintage beauty items.

The lipstick holder is one of my favorite beauty finds!

I found the pink perfume bottle at an estate sale last year.

I love my new space and I'm happy to have been able to share it with you! I love this space because I tend to be messy and now I don't have make a mess on my vanity that sits out in my bedroom.

If company comes, all I have to do is shut my closet door:)

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and maybe have gotten some inspiration for your own small make up space or dressing room!

Please be safe and well. Thank you for visiting!



  1. Larissa,

    This is beautiful and romantic. I enjoy florentine pieces around our home too. I made a French mirror for our foyer this fall using a mirror I thrifted.

    Love the boxes and the molding you added. Simply beautiful!

    Stay safe!


  2. Thank you for sharing, it turned out so beautiful! You're such an inspiration.

  3. Larissa!! You did it again, dear!!! SOOOO pretty!! I love how it is uniquely you! I pray you and your family stay safe and make it through this hot mess without issues. Sending you a huge hug!!! xo

  4. So beautiful; you've done an amazing job on a budget. Thank you for a beautiful respite from today's reality.

  5. Wow 😳 you inspire me so much ... Just when I’m about to run out of ideas boom!! There you are! Love love love this ! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  6. I love your ideas and designs💝

  7. Hi, what exact flexible moulding is that?


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