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Christmas with Jord

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A few weeks ago I was so honored to become a Jord Watch Partner! If you are not familiar with Jord, let me introduce them to you. Jord is an amazing family owned company based out of St. Louis, Missouri. They have a wonderful selection of natural wood watches, along with eyewear, hats and now handbags! They even carry Apple Bands!

The word "Jord" is actually Swedish for "from the earth, land or soil." My very favorite thing about this company is that they strive to use already fallen trees for their wood timepieces, and the more rare and exotic wood they actually try to use remnants from furniture! As someone who also loves to repurpose and reuse items in my own life, I truly love this aspect! If you would like shop around and familiarize yourself with Jord click here.

I was blessed to receive the "Conway" timepiece crafted from Walnut. This watch is extremely beautiful and impressive. Every year I struggle to find my husband the perfect gift for Christmas, so when I the Conway watch arrived I had to give it to him early. He was thrilled!!!

I wanted to get some photos of this stunning piece to share with you, and all I could think about was how this watch was truly a classic piece and defiantly heirloom quality. I decided to photograph it with my Husband's green 1969 GMC Sierra Grande truck. This truck is so special to him as it was his  Grandfather's and will one day be our son's.

I thought both the Conway timepiece and the Truck would compliment each other nicely as they are both classic, durable and timeless pieces. Definitely both are heirloom pieces.

The Conway came in this gorgeous wooden cedar box with a "J" engraved in the top for "Jord", but is also perfect for my husband as our last name is Jenkins.  Our little guy was fascinated with the box, as it has a compartment up top as well as a small drawer that pulls out from the bottom. This box acts as a humidor tho hydrate the wood, so be sure to store your watch in it! The cedar box also contains oil and a cleaning cloth to keep your wood watch hydrated and clean.

I cannot say enough good things about this piece, its truly unique as well as durable.

Because of Jord, I actually took the time to photograph my husband and son together for the first time with my good camera. I have to say it was a pretty special experience and I wish I would have done it sooner.

Delaine loved sitting in his Dad's vintage truck for the photos and just had a blast.

I had to go against my husband's wishes and put a Christmas tree on the truck for the photos. I couldn't resist! lol its the decorator in me..

I love how Delaine's little eyes are just barley peeking over the dash in this photo. Just darling!

Speaking of little eyes, he could not quit looking at his Dad's new watch, so we took it off and let him hold it and try it on.

This is not a staged photo, I actually snapped this at the perfect time to capture his excitement.

He loved wearing it.

We had a great time capturing photos of our new "Conway" timepiece, and in turn ended up capturing some very special Daddy and Son memories along the way.

I love that Jord is not only a watch Company but also a family company and hopefully would love the fact that one of their beautifully crafted pieces brought our family a lot of joy and memories this afternoon.

As a Jord Partner I get to share with you all some of Jord's newest pieces and I'm so excited for this new adventure! I will be sharing more here on my blog, as well as on my Instagram page!

Thank you so much Jord for this awesome opportunity!


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  1. That is a beautiful watch, but Larissa, your husband and son are so handsome! Very nice and special shoot. Thank you for sharing the special moment.


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