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French Country Halloween Part Four

This year in the back parlor, I decided to go with a skeleton theme for Halloween.

I wanted to create a not so spooky, but very sweet, Skeleton Family.

 We even have some skeleton rats scurrying about.

I had fun dressing each family member in vintage fashion.

The Mother skeleton is wearing a  fur cape that I recently thrifted as well a vintage pink feathery hat.

The baby skeleton is dressed in an antique baby christening gown and bonnet trimmed with lace.

Our skeleton kitty is a new addition this year. We found him at the Dollar Store.

Our real life cats, Jeffrey and Maleficent, love the skeleton kitty for some reason. I always catch one of them, or both laying next to it.

The antique library table holds our skeleton phone, in case the family needs to make a call or two.

 Across the room, candlelight glows on the piano.

 Someone is ready to play a lively Halloween tune for our family.

 The piano top is elegantly decorated with black skulls donning gorgeous French crowns.

Each crown is unique and beautiful.

Lit candles provide a eerily beautiful ambience.

Our skeleton friend is quite the musician.

Each year I add a fun mask to my painting. Spooky elegance.

Thank you for touring our Skeleton Parlor this year. More Halloween posts to come.


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  1. What a great photo you got with both of your cats and their "familiar." They do seem to like it.


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