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Antique Pulpit Makeover

I came across an old church pulpit on Facebook Marketplace a couple of years ago. 

 The price tag was $20 could I refuse? It sat "as is" for quite sometime until recently when I became inspired to give it a makeover.

I already had this gorgeous rose barbola swag which I love, but something still seemed to be missing. Recently I was out thrifting and I spotted this pair of Christmas ornaments. Light bulbs went off in my head and I knew that they would look perfect with my barbola swag! They were only 99 cents each! I got them home and applied a couple of coats of Waverly dark wax and the details just popped!

 I gave the pulpit a light sanding and then started painting using some leftover white paint that I had around the house.


    Once I had several coats of paint on and everything was dry, I added the rose barbola swag and the end pieces that I found at the thrift store. They really came together nicely!

 Gold paint applied to some areas helped to bring out the details of the pulpit. I gilded the cross and added a rose appliqué that I already had in my stash.

I decided to display my dress form on top for now. Someday I might come across a beautiful religious statue to put there instead, along with a pair of antique altar candleholders.

I do love this piece, but I feel as though it is not quite complete. I may add a stenciled pattern to the sides in gold, or even add a lovely antique wallpaper to the sides, I'm still not sure.

But for $20 I think that I created an unique piece for my home, and that does make me happy.

 Also, I frequently get asked where I got my Marie Antoinette pillow cover, you can find it here in my Amazon store. Its a fun inexpensive cover to have around. I have three actually! lol


I also wanted to share this sweet little doll that was sent to me by one of my readers. Thank you so much to whoever sent her to me, I absolutely adore her and display her on my bookshelves. She is lovely. 

I am so thankful to all of you that read and enjoy my blog, you are truly the very best! Thank you for following along with me on this journey, and for all of the kind comments and encouragement throughout the years.🙏🏻💞🙏🏻 It means so much to me!