async='async' data-ad-client='ca-pub-1704385665578974' src=''/> January 2021 - Welch House 1900

The New Year has brought some changes to Welch House....

Recently I thrifted this amazing print of the"Girl With a Pearl Earring". 

The print is on canvas and looks very realistic and it even came in this gorgeous frame! I have plans to move her into one of my bathrooms when they get completed.

I promised myself that I would add more color into our home this year. My dear friend Stacy (@shabbystacy on Instagram) gifted me this beautiful decor book by Rachel Ashwell for Christmas, and it wasted no time in giving me inspiration!

The last two years my family and I have traveled to the ocean for our vacation. I had not been to see the ocean since I was five years old and once I came back as an adult it truly captured my heart. I have been graviting towards blues, greens and lavender colors  in my home ever since. When I saw this soft blue color on the wall in the photo below I knew that I wanted to recreate the look in my own home.

I recently painted our library in a beautiful color called "Geyser Steam" by Sherwin Williams and had a bit left over to paint the wall behind the mantel. Its a gorgeous blue/green color that changes in the light.

I also bought a sweet pillow cover featuring Marie Antoinette, I like it so much that I think I will order a few more. To purchase one for yourself, you can find it linked here in my Amazon Store.

The blue wall is so pretty in my eyes. I wanted to expose the brick behind the wall, but my little boy begged me not too, he did approve of the new color though.💞

My home is always changing and evolving it seems.

I hope you like the new color and are having a great start to 2021!