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Elegant Cranberry Holiday punch

 Have you ever struggled to find the perfect holiday beverage that would suit both young and old?

Well look no further! I think I may have found the perfect holiday punch!

My family requests this punch for every Thanksgiving and Christmas! The kids love it so much that sometimes I have to make two batches!

You will need only 5 ingredients:

-Cranberry juice ( I use diet)
-Ginger Ale (I use diet)
-Pineapple Juice

I choose to use diet ingredients and it tastes amazing, but feel free to use the regular stuff if you want!

I love how elegant this punch looks on a holiday table. You will feel so fancy when you serve it! At least I do!

I wish I could take credit for this delicious recipe, but I found it several years ago online.

You will find the full recipe here.  I hope you give this recipe a try for the holiday season! It looks so beautiful served in a wine glass and so easy to make!


An Old World Bejeweled Christmas Mantel

I have an old beautiful print of a young lady displayed on my mantel and she became the inspiration for my Christmas decorating this year.

The print reminded me of a young Marie Antoinette, so of course I had to bring out a pillow with her image on it.

My tree is new this year, it was gifted to me by King of Christmas. I think it is the nicest tree that I've ever 
owned, and the biggest! 

Apparently some of our pets were up for a photo shoot. Here is our black cat named "Little Girl" perched on the arm of the loveseat. Out of all of our pets she is the sweetest. If you are in need of snuggles, she's got you covered!

This little angel is our Pomeranian girl named "Ann Margaret". She is the sassiest girl ever! If I had known she was up for picture posing I would have dressed her in one of her dresses, but she is still adorable no matter what!

I love unique holiday items that are not easily found at box stores, so when I saw these gorgeous bejeweled trees by Martha Stewart at QVC I knew they would be perfect to go along with the lady print.

I love all things Martha Stewart, and she did not disappoint with theses trees!

The little Belsnickle Santa I found at a local shop last year. I've always wanted one, so maybe I will start a collection.

I had taken more photos but somehow I've lost them, but I still hope you enjoyed a peek at our Christmas this year. Do you have your Christmas decor up yet?