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French Country Halloween Part 1

Someone new has been roaming about Welch House this Halloween season. You may spot her tip toeing about the halls and bedrooms with broom in hand and freshly starched linens piled high on her silver platter. Meet Hagatha...Hagatha Christie that is.

She is the newest addition to our Halloween "family". Today you will find her tidying up the library.

Both cats seem to enjoy her company...the skeleton kitty and our real life cat...Maleficent.

Hagatha is about to take her broom to these pesky bats that keep flying about her head! Watch out bats!

Fun fact, or maybe not so fun fact...but here at Welch House we do find a bat or two inside the house every year.😩 I had never even seen a bat until I moved here and it was quite the experience.

As Hagatha tidies up the library she is also in charge of looking after our adorable  skeleton baby.

You will be able to meet the whole skeleton family in an upcoming blog post.

Hagatha is quite short in stature and genuinely good natured unless you get on her bad side...

Then she is known to tease cackle and say phrases such as, "give me a kiss! or "So you want some treats??"

You may also see her eyes glow tread lightly around Hagatha.

 Looks like Hagatha has gotten rid of the pesky bats with her trusty broom!
You will be seeing more of Hagatha in some upcoming posts...and our Butler Fred.

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  1. I really enjoy your blog!! I never liked Halloween with the usual orange and black cheap looking decor -- I love yours though - very creative with Class!! Beautiful Home and Decor and such good ideas..--

  2. Oooooh Larissa! I am NOT a fan of spooky, but every year you make me wish I had more courage!! haha!!! Welcome to IG Hagatha!! Have a great day! :)

  3. I don't decorate for Halloween, but I absolutely love your decorations! If I had children or grandchildren I would love to go all out for them! Lol

  4. Larissa,
    Your Halloween decor is elegant with classy scares! Baby skeleton is adorable in her vintage clothes. I am always happy to visit to see what your latest decor. Never boring!



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