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French Country Bathroom Makeover

I am so excited to share our updated Master Bath today! We have a very small Master Bath so getting pictures of this space proved a bit difficult! I hope you enjoy the photos anyway!

I try to make every area in my home special, even if it is a very small space. The bathroom update was missing something special in my opinion, until I spotted a swan faucet in a historical home while browsing facebook. I quickly started researching swan faucets and found this gorgeous gold swan faucet on Amazon. She is so delicate and graceful and definitely the star of the update! I splurged on her and didn't even tell my husband before I bought her!

Lets take a peek into the the master bath. The blush pink ruffled shower curtain I have had for years and I love it! Its from Kohls and is from Lauren Conrad's bath collection.

Below is what the master bath looked like when we purchased Welch House. The sticky tiles were coming off of the floor and the shower was very odd! All I remember about the shower was that it was super small. The opening was very small and it had some kind of odd tile inside. The shower was also leaking into the foyer downstairs and had caused a large hole to form in the ceiling. My husband installed a new shower before we moved in and had to open the wall a quite a bit to get it installed.

This is the after photo. We installed ceramic tiles on the wall and floor that looks similar to marble. I love marble and one day I hope to have real marble installed in here! We did everything ourselves which made for an interesting experience as neither one of us had ever tiled anything before!

I love to mix textures so I decided to install faux tin tiles on the upper walls.

I found the french sconces at a thrift store. They add a romantic touch to the bathroom.

The Swan faucet just gets me every time I see it! The detail is amazing! My little boy says that the swan faucet makes it feel like our house is a castle now:)

I replaced the vintage sink with a new pedestal sink. I did keep the old one though, I may even reinstall it someday!

I love the look of vintage cabinets that everyone is using in their bathrooms these days. I was able to find a french corner cabinet locally, that actually fit my small space!

The top shelf holds my face creams and little trinkets.

I loved my Grandma's bathroom when I was growing up. She always had little trinkets sitting on her counter along with ornate hand mirrors and hairbrushes. She would have baskets with decorative soaps that were in shapes of angels and roses. I'm always drawn to the pretty things that my Grandma had. I was thrilled to find the "Rings and Things" trinket holder years ago, as my Grandma had the same one in her bathroom which she would store her rings in.

This is another "before" view of the master bath.

Now my french corner cabinet resides in this space. When I brought this cabinet home it was yellow from smoke and smelled really bad. I painted the inside white and then giled the outside with gold paint and finished it off with dark wax.

I am really clumsy and broke the second glass shelf, so I will have to get another made. The bottom area is perfect for folded towels.

I found this beautiful rose painting at the Goodwill store for half price! I only paid $1.50.

Its absolutely beautiful in my eyes.

I love the marble tiles on the walls.

Another thing that my Grandma had in her bathroom was an amazing vintage glam scale. I remember it was a deep pink and looked like a hand held gold mirror where the scale numbers were. I always weighed myself every time I went to her house! lol

A couple of years ago I spotted  this vintage pink scale at a junk store for $2.00. I was hesitant to purchase it because it had pink fur all over it and it was no longer pink, but matted and brown. But..... it was pink and cheap so I bought it! lol. I tore off the ugly fur and hope to find pink fur to replace it someday, but for now it looks okay to me! I wouldn't advise weighing yourself on it though, as it makes you 35lbs heavier! lol

My angel statue was actually lamp but I prefer it as a statue! It looks pretty against the leaded glass windows.

The mirror that was here before was a huge wooden medicine cabinet.

I hope you have enjoyed my updated master bath! I know this look is not for everyone, but I love it!

Updates do not happen over night in my home. We are on a budget and honesty this took a long time to complete. Sometimes I get discouraged when I compare myself to other accounts on social media who seem to complete projects in a short amount of time and money doesn't seem like a concern. Which is amazing for them, but does not reflect my current situation. I just want to make it clear that this project took a long time and I have staged my bathroom for photos. My life is not perfect, my house is not picture perfect in real life, ect... I just wanted to share this in case my readers have ever felt the same and have gotten discouraged in their own lives. I just want to encourage you to do what you can with your budget and its okay to not have a perfect staged home in your everyday life! I certainly don't:)

Thank you so much for visiting! It means so much!