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Ceiling Medallion Makeover

 Today I want to share with you a fun and quick update that I worked on for the library.

A few week's ago while at a garage sale I spotted this huge ceiling medallion right away. It was absolutely beautiful.

My heart started pounding as I quickly ran up to it to see the price. I snatched it up so quick when I saw the $5 price tag!

The details were amazing!! At first I was just going to give it a fresh coat of white paint, but after searching Pinterest and seeing my dear friend's painted ceiling medallion...I knew that I must try to paint mine!

Supplies Needed:

- your choice of acrylic paints
I chose the Apple Barrel Brand from Wal-Mart

-cameo pink
-blue bonnet
-marsh green
-antique parchment
(These are very inexpensive under a dollar for a 2 fl oz bottle)

-assorted package of acrylic paint brushes
(I purchased mine from Wal-Mart for around $7)

-Gold Paint of choice
I use the Ace Hardware brand Metallic Finish in Gold Plate 8 Fl oz

I decided to paint my background blue first, and added a lot of white to my colors to soften them.  I also did two coats of everything.

I love pink so I knew the roses and and the small flower would need to be pink. The daisy I painted with the antique parchment color.  I decided to add gold to the vines and flowers to add dimension. With every new color that I added, the medallion began to come alive.

I am so happy with how it looks in the library.

The colors are beautiful and I'm actually really happy with choosing blue for the background.

This project took just a morning to complete! It was very relaxing to sit down and paint and listen to some music.

And can we talk about how budget friendly this was??!! I love thrifting and going to garage sales because you never know what you will find!

Pretty pink roses from my Husband and son for Mother's Day.

The French style chaise lounge is the perfect spot to lay in the library to gaze up at the ceiling medallion.

It reminds me of a beautiful painted ceiling that one might find in a Victorian Mansion.

I've always been enchanted by old Victorian mansions that have the painted ceilings with the cherubs playing in the clouds. I think that's why I used the blue for the background color.  One day I hope to have a cherub ceiling in the library, whether it be painted or a ceiling mural of sorts. I've always dreamed of  a room like that and I do not care if cherubs on a ceiling is in style or not. lol its definitely gong to happen.

I hope you like the new budget friendly addition to the library!!

Thank you for visiting and keep your eyes open for treasures at garage sales this summer!


Pretty in Pink Tea Party

Hello and welcome to my Pretty in Pink Tea Party! A big thank you to my dear friend Amber at Follow The Yellow Brick Home for putting this hop together! I hope you enjoyed seeing Michelle's beautiful home at Thistle Key Lane and are ready for more inspiration!

To make my Tea Party just a bit more special I decided to bring out my small, but ever growing, collection of vintage hats. I just love it when I stumble across them while out thrifting! They are all so unique!

I set up a vintage Florentine table to display these beauties, and this way they are easily available for guests to pick a favorite to wear to the party.

A delicate vintage teapot holds some pretty blooms and makes a sweet welcome.

I made a quick banner out of pink satin ribbon and a handful of triangles that are reproduction antique wallpaper prints!

I think the homemade banner looks very festive on the mantel! The beautiful maiden statue was a gift from my Sister this past Christmas and she definitely sets the mood for today's party.

I'm going to be honest, the first table that I set was completely blue...but my dining room was not having it! It wanted pink! Lol so much for stepping out of my comfort zone in regards to color.

The table is set with a beautiful cream vintage table cloth that once belonged to my husband's Aunt. The china is mix and matched...but perfectly rosy and pink.

Now, I know this is a tea party...but unfortunately I don't like tea...shocking I know. In fact I don't like any warm beverages. Since tea is going to be absent from my party, I decided to use my teacups to hold something that I do actually...CUPCAKES!

I love sweets and I thought the cupcakes looked darling in the tea cups. I added a fresh pink carnation to each one... and lets not forget sugar cookies!

This tiny vintage pink lusterware tea cup is new to me and I thought I would display it for the party. The teapot in the background belonged to my Grandmother. I love the gold details and the courting couple on the front.

The plates I found at a thrift store and used them for my baby shower six years ago. The delicate pink  rose pattern makes my heart skip a beat every time I look at them. I have four plates and when I initially found the set it had three tea happened... and now I'm down to just one. I haven't stumbled across this pattern since!

I also had to bring out all of my pink upholstered furniture for the occasion.

I'm loving my white dining room, especially the ceiling tiles! This room is much more cheerful and brighter now.  P.S. don't look too closely at this photo..still a lot of small projects to do in this room and I'm not very good with Photoshop yet!

I just love all of the pretty patterns on this banner.

For our beverage today we will be having lemonade, complete with a side of fresh lemon. I think it looks fancier served this way.

I hope you enjoyed being a guest at my Spring Tea Party today!

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Thank you for visiting, it truly means so much to me!💞💞💞


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