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French Country Halloween Part 2: The Wedding

This year for our dining room we decided to go for a Miss Havisham/ jilted bride theme for Halloween. 

I made a faux wedding cake for the occasion complete with a vintage cake topper.

In honor of the state of matrimony, I displayed my Great-Grandparents marriage certificate along with another marriage certificate from the 1880's. Just like in the sorrowful tale of Miss Havisham, all of the clocks are stopped at twenty till nine, the exact time that she receives the note from her groom who she will never marry.

Time stands still...fruit is still left untouched except for the skeleton mouse who died while trying to get a bite.  Our Bride's lovely wedding bouquet has been neglected and a couple of spiders have taken refuge upon it. Fun fact: This is actually my wedding bouquet from 13 years ago.

Our bride mourns her lost love, and always carries his picture carefully in her skeletal hands and heart.

The once beautifully decorated piano, is now overtaken with spiders and webs.

 Our Bride waits near the piano, sounds of the wedding march echo tortuously through her mind.

 Each evening she begins her journey wandering through the dining room....

   Candles are lit...but everything else remains untouched.

The fresh roses have dried and shriveled up.

 Goblets have been knocked over by pesky rodents.

Cockroaches have over taken the left over wedding wine and feast, leaving no remains.

The mantel has become dusty with age and of course,  the clocks have stopped at twenty till nine.

Wedding bells have spiders crawling all over them. These are actually the wedding bells that my sister used at her wedding 20 years ago, and they still look great!

Our mournful bride makes her way around the table, as she does each night.

Always mourning the life she did not live.

As the sun rises, she vanishes but will continue her eternal walk each evening as dusk approaches.

I hope you enjoyed my fictional tale of the jilted Halloween Bride! I love to have fun with Halloween and keep my decor as elegant and spooky as possible. I'm also into keeping costs down with decorating. The bridal veil is actually my own as well as the slip underneath the ghost girl's costume to create a fuller skirt. As I said before, the bridal bouquet is my own and my sister lent me her honeycomb wedding bells from her own wedding. I mostly shopped around my house for everything else! Have fun with Halloween, use your imagination and things you may already have.

Thank you for visiting and there is still more of my Halloween home coming up in future posts.



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  3. Larissa,
    Your Halloween decor is so creative! What a wonderful way to incorporate your and your family's wedding memorabilia.


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