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Between the Seasons Bedroom Decor

Early September can often be a challenging  time for decor, with the first day of fall not until September 23rd, a lot of people are not ready to bring out their pumpkins and go full on with their fall decor. If you happen to be one of those people who are not yet ready for the fall season, but would like some between the seasons transitional decor ideas, you are in luck today!

I am joining an awesome group of bloggers today for a "Transitioning from Summer to Fall" blog hop hosted by my amazing friend Amber at Follow The Yellow Brick Home. If you are just coming over from Lora Bloomquist I would like to welcome you to my home!

The weather is already getting much cooler in my neck of the woods and that makes me want to cozy up my bedroom for the upcoming fall and winter months.

The  very first thing that I usually gravitate towards to give my home a cozier vibe is this amazing tapestry. Although it can be used anytime of the year, I always seem to pull it out during the fall and winter months.  I love the warm tones and the gorgeous scenery.

I have literally used this tapestry in almost all areas of my home, from the kitchen nook, dining room, hallway and now my bedroom. Its very versatile and I'm loving it here in my bedroom behind my bed.

I have found that with this tapestry you either love it or you hate it, theres really no in between with people. In my case its definitely LOVE!

I also swap out my floral bedding for a soft blush pink comforter.

I love pillows and I like to showcase the ones that mean the most to me, such as this intricate ribbon rose pillow from a dear IG friend.

See the pretty ruffles on the pillows? Its the small things that make me happy.

Another item that I reach for during this transitioning time of year is this amazing crocheted blanket. My sister gave this to me years ago and I use it all year long.

During the cooler months I like it on my bed.

Another small change that I made this year was switching out my curtains. In the spring I put up some beautiful white panels in this bedroom.

I decided to switch back to my favorite blush pink curtains for this season. They feel cozier against the charcoal walls and add a feeling of warmth.

I'm thinking as winter approaches I may buy some velvet panels for this room.

Candlelight is a must in my home year round, but especially during this time. It is so nice to open the windows at night, cuddle up in my crochet blanket and watch the candlelight dance around the room. Seriously its the best!

I recently was gifted this amazing painting from my very sweet IG friend Stacy. You can find her gorgeous account at @shabbystacy on Instagram.

I decided to change up my bedroom mantel and use the painting as the focal point.

Old worn books, fresh roses and candlelight make a pretty display.

I'm loving the rich jewel tones of the painting and the stunning gold antique frame.

These are just a few ways the I transition my home from summer to fall. I hope you got some ideas for your own home. Next up is Rosemary and Thyme

Thank you so much for visiting!


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Rosemary and Thyme


  1. I'm with you--I love that tapestry! and also the beautiful pillow! Fall is my favorite season of all.

  2. Such a beautiful room and that gorgeous crocheted throw adds just the perfect warmth for fall.

  3. Your bedroom is so cozy and comfy. How do you ever get out of bed in the morning?

  4. Larissa, you had me at cozy! Your bedroom looks divine, and your sister making that crocheted throw in a neutral color was brilliant. Throws really up the cozy factor for me when the weather begins to chill.

  5. Those little details make me happy too. Everything is so soft and beautiful. I'd never want to leave that bed. And what a sweet friend to send the pillow. I want a friend like that!

  6. Wow Larissa, it's all so amazing. Every treasure and vignette make me ooh and ah! I love tapestry in your bedroom. All the grays really come out, and it make it seem like you can walk right into the tapestry. Love it! What wonderful treasures your IG friends have sent you. I still have some stuff to send you if I every make it to the post office!

    You have shared some lovely ideas without pumpkins, (now I know you love them as much as I do and I have a strong suspicion that there are already a few tucked here and there around your home haha) such as the cozy throw and candlelight. Everything is dreamy!

    Thanks for joining the hop my friend!

  7. I love this gorgeous and cozy bedroom so much Larissa! The tapestry, crochet throw and of course your vignettes make me want to curl up and dive into a good book. It's all just gorgeous. Hugs and Happy Fall, CoCo

  8. I always love visiting your home Larissa. You have such wonderful early fall touches. I LOVE the tapestry!

  9. This room is so stunning, Larissa! So beautiful, yet cozy, too. The pillows and crocheted blanket are wonderful...and that painting!

  10. Larissa,
    Your romantic bedroom decorated for fall is gorgeous. While I cannot live with dark walls (must have light, all the light, all the time,) I love seeing dark walls. Yours is beautiful, and the tapestry goes so well with the dark wall.


  11. Oh, Larissa, your bedroom is soooo lovely. That tapestry is gorgeous, and it sounds like you have some really talented IG friends! I'm in love with that embroidered pillow and the painting. So fun hopping with you!

  12. What a beautiful bedroom, Larissa! Love the tapestry and I can see why you've used it all over your home. Your bedroom is cozy and ready for fall.

  13. Larissa, your bedroom is stunning! I love the textures and that cozy shimmer of candlelight! So pretty!

  14. Okay, put me on the LOVE side as far as that tapestry goes, because it is ah-may-zing!!! So is your bedroom - I love the cool romantic tones. I'm going for a more romantic look in our master bedroom and your bedroom has given me a ton of inspiration! And that crochet blanket your sister gave you is gorgeous and inspires me to get back on my crocheting now that the weather is cooling down. So happy to be hopping with you!

  15. This is the most romantic bedroom. Loving all your little details... the flowers, candles, delicate pillows, and then the dramatic dark walls that show off that gorgeous tapestry so well. Amazing!!

  16. I love the drama of the bright against the dark walls, Larissa! It's so romantic! Love the idea of enjoying a mantel in the bedroom-lucky you!

  17. Larissa, your bedroom is so so warm and cozy. Love the beautiful tapestry and the chunky blush throw. Definitely will be wonderful as the temperature get cooler.

  18. Your bedroom is beautiful! I love the tapestry and the basket pillow with the ribbon blooms is gorgeous! What a sweet IG friend!! I agree, it's the little things that make us happy.

  19. What a beautiful room--it is elegant and yet cozy. Happy almost fall! Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

  20. That tapestry is so elegant, a beautiful piece of art I can understand why you have enjoyed displaying it throughout your home. Your bedroom looks cozy and inviting, just right for the change of the seasons.


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