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Simply Shabby Chic Tissue Paper Bunny

Now that Saint Patrick's Day has passed, its time to turn our attention to Spring and Easter decorating! I have to be honest when I say that I really don't have much of either decor! So the other night while I was shopping at TJMaxx and spotted a sweet tissue paper bunny, inspiration hit! I knew that I could make my own using supplies I already had on hand.

Supplies you will need for this project

*Rabbit form (foam, plastic, wood, paper mache whichever you prefer)

*Pretty floral tissue paper or napkins

*Mod Podge

*Foam or regular paintbrush 


My rabbits are actually Target clearance items from a few years ago and I think I only paid about a dollar each for them. My favorite part of this project is the tissue paper! I have been saving this Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic tissue paper for several years because I had no idea what to do with it, and I was definitely not going to waste it by stuffing it in a package! Lol I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to SSC items and if some of you are as well, then you might have a bit of this tissue laying around!

Look how soft and pretty the tissue is!

First thing you will need to do is cut the tissue into strips. You can do any size, but I chose to cut where the tissue already had fold lines.

Next you will need to use your paint brush to paint an area of Mod Podge on your rabbit the size of the tissue that you have already cut. Lay the tissue on the area of Mod Podge and press it down with your paint brush. Use more Mod Podge to coat the top of tissue to seal it and help it lay down easier.

Keep repeating this step until you have your whole bunny covered. You may need to cut smaller pieces occasionally to get into hard to reach areas.

Once your bunny is covered, start adding more layers until you are satisfied with the look of your tissue paper bunny. If I had a spot that didn't quite have enough of the floral print I just cut a small piece of the floral part out and pasted it to where I wanted it.

Let your bunny dry overnight.

If you wanted to, you could also add a ribbons and jewels to your bunny to dress her up. I chose to keep mine simple as not to take away from the gorgeous SSC print.

But now that my bunnies are finished, I may add sweet little diamonds for their eyes at some point. I have some vintage bunnies that have diamond eyes and I love the look.

 I decided to display my bunnies in my shabby French style office. They look so pretty with my Rachel Ashwell prints that I use in there already.

I'm so happy that I made these! They will definitely be keepsakes for sure! I hope you are inspired to make your own!



  1. Larissa,
    Your bunny is adorable!


  2. What an adorable idea, I love it so much, I've always wanted to try this with eggs too. you have inspired me.


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