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French Country Christmas

The back parlor is ready for Christmas.

Candlelight is aglow on the antique "Jenkins" piano.

A gorgeous faux cedar garland lays gracefully on top with simple pink ribbons trailing down the sides.

The European Christmas tree has been elegantly draped in gold beads as well as precious pink glass ornaments, with a few additional teal ornaments tucked in about the boughs.

It all comes together and paints a pretty Christmas picture.

Sweet blush pink birds perch on the cedar garland, and nest in the branches of the tree.

Our lady above the piano is joyful at her Christmas surroundings.

Heavy draperies add elegance to the windows and keep out the winter's cold drafts.

Sweet gold cherubs keep watch over the parlor from their place on the tree as they do each Christmas.

Some new faces have been added to the tree this year..

Tucked away under the tree is something special..

A slow steady swishing sound announces its arrival..along with the echoes of clanging bells.

It was a gift for a most special boy some years ago, who still believes in it's Christmas magic.

The tree glows proudly in front of old beveled glass windows, who themselves, have witnessed many  Christmas' these past one hundred twenty years..

A very special stocking hangs from the Italian Armoire.

The ornaments glisten from the tree's branches.

The parlor is ready for the season.

Ready for new memories to be made.

For laughter, love and new beginnings.

Its Christmastime.

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  1. I'm so happy you and your family have this wonderful old house. You do such a good job of honoring its age and beauty.

    1. Thank you so very much Vikki! Your words mean so much to me! I absolutely love this house, it means the world to me!❤️❤️❤️

  2. Larissa,
    Your room is decorated beautifully for Christmas, and I love seeing your latest decor. Is the piano a new paint color? It looks wonderful with the blush tones on the tree.


    1. Judith thank you so very much! I painted the piano in Annie Sloan's Paris Grey a couple of summers back. I love it so much more now!💞💞💞

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  4. Where do you buy a tree like this and size


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