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Pink Doors

 Hello! Its been such a long time since I've posted! Today I wanted to share a quick post about painting my exterior doors pink.

I have been wanting to paint my doors pink for years, and after searching Pinterest for the perfect pink, I decided on Benjamin Moore's "salmon berry".

I had previously painted my front door gray, but it was too sad and unwelcoming in my opinion.


A good power wash to the siding and a pretty pink door makes a world of difference!

I also purchased these crazy pink over the top floral wreaths from JoAnn Fabrics this spring. I usually go for a more simple look, but pink has been calling my name this year.

To add more pizazz to the front door I decided to add an architectural ornament. I purchased this one from Wayfair and I really love the elegance it adds to the door.

I also love love love my door mat. I didn't notice while taking my photos, but the mat is actually upside down. lol the 'Bonjour" should be at the top. If you love this mat you can find it here on my amazon link! I have linked up all of my favorite decor items that I actually buy and use from Amazon! Now you can shop my house and see how the products look in my home, as well as how I use them. This particular mat is awesome, I use them under my covered porches. I don't recommend them for a porch that isn't covered, as the mat won't  hold up well in weather elements.

My favorite exterior door on our house is this gorgeous hand carved antique door.  This door is located under our portico. 


It was previously black and very dirty. We get a lot of dust and dirt blowing around in this area. The door always gets dirty and the black color just enhances it.  P.S. yes I actually do clean this door!

The pink is so pretty! I love the old doorknob and carved details.

If you love the sweet little black and white rug, I do have it linked in my Amazon store here. I think it is very "Paris chic!"

So thats all I wanted to share with you today. I hope you also love the new pink color! I sure do!

I also snapped a quick picture of the curtains blowing in the wind on my front porch. You can see the new paint color on the porch ceiling. I need to do an  updated porch tour for you soon!

Also, a sneak peek (below) at a finished project that I can't wait to share with you!

Thank you for stopping by!



  1. Hi Larissa, everything looks absolutely beautiful and I adore the color paint that you chose for your door!! The applique on it is beautiful and you know I love the wreath as well!! I can't wait for everyone to see your new project that you've been working on, how exciting!! I know you're thrilled with it!! xxx

  2. Hi Larissa,

    I love your doors, so much detail!! Don't you love adding ornamental pieces? The one you added to your front door is a game changer.

    Loving the pink. I think on grand old homes it works great.


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  10. The pink door is very unique. You should colour the frames of the windows.

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  12. Hello, its just that your doormat is the other way round....


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