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Changes in the Foyer

Seven years ago when I first saw the foyer at Welch House, it had painted blue walls. Immediately I knew that I wanted a gorgeous wallpaper for this space and I papered it with a beautiful green damask, which I loved. Over the years the seams began to appear on the walls, it had gotten torn here and there, and I knew I was ready for an update!

Christmas 2019

I love a wallpapered foyer in a historical home, and someday I plan on having the foyer wallpapered again, but for now, I decided to update it with white paint. The paint color that I chose is called "Simply White" by Benjamin Moore. Most of the house is already painted this color, and I love the way the rooms seem to flow nicer now.

When we moved here, I completely changed my decor from farmhouse/primitive style, to Old World Style. One of the very first items that I brought home was this statue of two ladies. I saw them at an antique store and they haven been with me ever since.

I have had them displayed in almost every room in our home, and now they are back in the foyer on the french dresser.

I moved my new leopard print rugs into the foyer from the library, and I am loving the look! I actually have two of the antique French leopard print chairs. I found the chairs on Craigslist, and learned that they were reupholstered by the seller's Grandmother many years ago. They are very special to me.

Okay, I have a confession to make. I love painted white woodwork, and I realize that is an unpopular opinion with old house lovers. Our home's woodwork was painted white in the 1930's remodel, but the previous owners brought the wood back to its original state. I can appreciate their hard work and love that they put into that task, so I will not be painting any woodwork. I did want to tone the wood down a bit though, so I decided to move the drapes that were in my dining room into the foyer.

Oh my goodness these drapes are honestly the nicest, most luxurious curtains that I have ever owned! They are perfect for the foyer. I actually have them in a different color in my living room as well. I'm serious when I tell you that they are wonderful! You can find them on my Amazon link here

I have had a large mirror covering the foyer window over the dresser for several years, and I loved the look so much, but I decided to remove it and enjoy the gorgeous original leaded glass windows. My little boy said that he liked the window uncovered much better:)

Christmas 2018


I did splurge and ordered two antique sconces to flank each side of my window. They are amazing. Each features a golden woman with long flowing hair. My husband said that he would wire the sconces so I could actually plug them. That makes me happy.

I removed the wallpaper on the lower part of the stairwell too. I plan to add similar wall moulding here that I created on the dining room walls last year.

My little french nesting tables have taken up residence here on the staircase landing.

I am actually very happy with the outcome! Change is hard for me at first, but I am pleased with this look.

I think the white walls are going to show off my Halloween and Christmas decor very nicely. I'm so excited to decorate for the holidays!

I hope you enjoyed the foyer tour and seeing the updates! You all are always so sweet to me and you truly bless me with your kindness! I appreciate you so much!


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  1. Absolutely magical transformation Larissa!! The mirror was fab there, but I do love the light streaming in and those fabulous lead glass windows. Those curtains are gorgeous!! I love the changes you made, it's so bright and airy!! xxx

  2. Always stunningly beautiful! I loved the wallpaper design but I like the white paint also with the stained wood...I wouldn't paint. The leopard rug goes great with stain and chairs. Love those sconces!!

  3. Love seeing your hone and the updates are beautiful! I love the windows you decided to show, let's in light and the statue of the ladies glows.

    I'm a huge fan of Florentine and buy pieces that I see as much as possible.


  4. what a fresh, beautiful update!
    the look is elegant and understated.
    i look forward to seeing how it looks in winter's light during the holidays.
    and i agree, your antique windows are spectacular!
    thanks for sharing your creative inspiration and endeavors.
    ♥ karla

  5. This is beautiful. I love the sconces.


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