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The Makings of a French Country Playroom

I recently acquired something beautiful...a French style antique baby bed. I've always wanted one but had never come across one that got my heart beating fast, until now.

I spotted this antique beauty on Facebook Marketplace and the French detailing had me seeing hearts! I cannot resist anything with French floral swags and bows.

For only $35 this sweet baby bed was coming home with me.

I knew just where she would be quite at my little boy's toy room. I had a twin bed here before, but found that it took up too much space, so this darling little crib was the perfect fit.

Its a nice spot for him to curl up and get comfy. Believe it or not, he was actually very excited to get the crib and is fascinated that the mattress I pulled down from the attic was actually his baby mattress! It's the little things.😊

I try to keep this room a tad gender neutral because I hope to have more children. My son is hoping for a baby sister and talks about his "little sister" all the time. I'm actually having a difficult journey to   conceive and am growing a bit weary with the circumstances. I would love positive thoughts and prayers if you feel led to do so. We would so love to have another sweet baby.

The toy room is also home to our bunnies.

I found these cute rabbit busts awhile back and they look so cute on the wall.

Our real bunnies live at the other end of the toy room.

This is Antoinette, you may remember seeing her earlier in the year. She's a cutie. We also have another bunny named Lou and she is gray.

The toy room is nowhere near being completed, but the crib is a nice start for the French country look  that I am wanting to achieve.

I want to paint stripes on the wall... either blue and white or maybe a soft gray and white.

When I was expecting my son I began to pick up vintage toys for him whenever I came across them.

The toy soldier lamp was my husband's when he was little. The Jack in the box is super old and only a few dollars at a second hand store.

He's getting quite the collection of vintage toys...since he is six years old. Most of them are in his bedroom. He's quite the old soul and loves each one and enjoys searching for more at garage sales...along with new toys.😊

The details on this crib just makes my heart happy! Look at the sweet cherub with her bow and arrows!

The best part was that she was already painted favorite color!

I left all of the painting as I found it. The look is very charming and timeworn.

I did put a protective sealer on the bed so it would be kid safe as I am sure it is painted with lead paint.

I am so excited for the start of the toy room's new look!  I think this winter will be when I work on it more. Delaine (my son) wants a sky with clouds painted on the ceiling, so that will be another project.

I'm so glad that you visited and hope you enjoyed a peek into our toy room!



  1. What a beautiful little bed. That was a smart move to put a sealer coat on it. Love the bunnies!!!

  2. We have an indoor bunny too. They are such great pets!
    Love the bed! Great find!

  3. Larissa,
    What a wonderful find for your son's toy room. You had me at French Country. Yes, I remember seeing your live bunny before and think she is precious.



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