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Happy Independence Day

Do you have big plans for Independence Day? This year it will be just my little family of three celebrating here at home together. My little guy and I baked a cheesecake and a 4th of July sheet cake. I can't wait to eat them! Earlier this week he helped me decorate around the house for the holiday.

I don't have a lot of 4th of July decor, but I do have a ton of flags, which when grouped together, can make a bold decor statement. Here we grouped three in a in a twig floral holder and attached to the armoire. I really like this look..simple and elegant.

A couple of years ago I found this small George Washington bust at the thrift store for $3.00. He always comes out at the 4th. He was a bronze color originally, but this year I painted him white because the color was already chipping in spots.

We picked some garden roses for our patriotic vignette, and of course candles!

My little guy had fun putting the remaining flags in our flower pots on the front porch. He's a good helper!

I want to wish you all a very safe and happy Independence Day! 


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  1. Just found your blog and it is beautiful! One note: your George Washington bust is really Thomas Jefferson. I love your home and all you've done with it.


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