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Vintage Inspired Satin Heart Wreath

Last fall I came across a beautiful vintage satin heart wreath. It was the perfect shade of blush pink and I fell in love with it instantly! The only downside was that it was way out of my budget. I've decided to remake it myself and share a tutorial with you!

What you will need:

-one wire heart wreath form

-approximately 6 rolls 1 1/2 in. x30 ft (10 yards each) Pink Satin ribbon


I found all of my supplies at my local Wal-Mart. This project is so easy!

 First thing that you will do is cut the ribbon in the length of your choice. Next just tie a simple shoelace bow around the wreath form. I was very random in my lengths because the original vintage wreath was created in that fashion, and I also liked the look of the various lengths as well.

As you are working, you will notice that the backside of this wreath is also very pretty!

That's it!! Just keep tying bows all around the wreath form. I like the tails of my bows to be left long, but you could trim them off for a more polished look if you wish!

This particular wreath also reminds me of my vintage pink valentine chocolate box. I love vintage heart boxes, I try to add to my collection each year.

I also think that adding small pearls or even a vintage brooch to this wreath would make it even more beautiful!

You could even display this wreath using the backside as the front instead. I think that look is very pretty too!

I will continue to use this wreath for many years to come. Hopefully as the years go by the pink satin will begin to fade just like the original 1950's wreath.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will make a keepsake vintage inspired Valentines wreath of your own!



  1. What a pretty wreath Larissa. Pink,ribbons, hearts & bows. Perfectly you and perfectly me ! I will be making one or two of these for sure. Great tutorial and your blog is beautiful.

    1. Oh thank you so so much Julie!!! It is a perfect wreath for the both of us!! You will love this wreath, its so pretty in person!

  2. Beautiful wreath! What a lovely home and blog, Larissa. I enjoy looking at all the pretty things you share...


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