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Cupid Wreath

Today I wanted to share another Valentines DIY project. I love Valentines decor but sometimes its too cheesy for me. I want my Valentine decor to be elegant with a bit of sweetness thrown in.
I was elated when I spotted this tutorial on Pinterest to create this gorgeous cupid wreath, which is so my style! This wreath is the creation of the very talented Chloe of Celebrate & Decorate. 
click here to see hers!

I decided to make my wreath the same way, just adding in some different colors and ribbons.

My wreath form once was a mirror, but sadly it got broken. I was happy to find a new use for it!

I used two of my cherubs from my Christmas decor and added some sweet pink ribbons and pearls to their necks. I also found two tiny crowns in my craft stash for them!

Once I had everything hot glued on the cherubs, I then took a pipe cleaner, wrapped it around their wings and twisted to a few times to make sure it was secure. Once that was done I then wrapped the cherub with the pipe cleaner to the frame. I also used hot glue in spots to make it more secure for the cherub.

Next I found some Valentine ornaments that I've had for years and spray painted them gold because originally they were red. Once they were dry I hot glued a pearl to the front of each of them.

In Chloe's wreath she used ribbon the hang her hearts. I decided to use extra crystal strands from a chandelier that I bought instead. 

Once I had everything the length that I liked and the hearts attached to the crystal strands, I hot glued each strand to the back of the frame.

I liked the outcome a lot, but something was missing, so I decided to add a simple pink ribbon to the top tied into a shoe string bow.
I think this was such a elegant and easy DIY and it can be easily customized to your tastes!
I spent nothing to create this.

Also, once I got done making the wreath I noticed that the frame was upside Oh well, imperfection is beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe create a Cupid wreath of your own!

Happy Crafting!!



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