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DIY Elegant Halloween Mirror


Today I want to share with you a creepy, but elegant Halloween DIY.  I like my Halloween decorations to be unique, spooky, but still have a touch of elegance. For several years now, I have been admiring Halloween mirrors on Pinterest, my favorites being the ones with protruding hands.

This Pinterest photo below was my inspiration. I knew I could recreate something similar with items already around my house. 

What you will need:

- Mirror

-Doll hands. Mine are from a barbie doll styling head. You can find these easily at thrift stores for cheap.

-Lace trims

-gray and black craft paint. I used the Apple Barrel brand from Walmart which was around 50 cents each.

-paint brush

-glue gun

I painted the hands a light gray, and I made sure to paint the nails black.

I have so many mirrors around my house. I chose two vintage mirrors that were thrifted years ago, which I hadn't found a use for yet. I also decided to lightly dry brush some black paint on the frame for an eerie feel.


Once the hands were dry, I found some delicate lace trim and hot glued it to the wrist of each hand.

The last step is to hot glue the hand to each mirror. For a firmer hold, I would suggest using E600 along with the hot glue.

To add more interest to your hands you could add a jewel to serve as a ring for one finger, or even have one of the hands holding a flowing white lace handkerchief as though it was getting ready to drop. You could even add a dainty spider to the handkerchief.

I decided to display my mirrors in the foyer. I added lots of black butterflies that I found on Amazon here.

I love this ethereal halloween look.

One butterfly even decided to land on one of the spooky hands...

I enjoyed creating this project! Maybe you have similar items already around your house to create a mirror of your own?

Thank you for stopping by!


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