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A Stonecrest Christmas

Today I'm excited to be taking you on a Holiday Tour of my Sister Launa's beautiful brick home! Aside from Halloween, our family celebrates all of our holidays here and I'm proud to be sharing it with you! Lets get started!

The front porch area is always very festive and welcoming. I just love her gorgeous wood doors! Lets step inside..

Right inside the front door is Launa's music room.

I love this room. Here you see her  antique piano dressed up for the holiday season. This piano is sister to my "Jenkins" piano in my living room. We found our pianos in the basement of our church some years ago. She always displays one of her nativity scenes on top during Christmas.

One the other side of the room she has a beautiful antique cabinet that holds many of her precious family heirlooms. The violin on the wall belongs to one of her daughters.

The silhouettes above the candles are very unique, if you look closely each has a French style scene painted on them.

Launa decorates the most beautiful trees, and out of all of them I think the music room tree is my favorite. Its is draped in gold beads, gorgeous crimson ribbons and baubles of all sorts, some of are even musical instruments. The tree is showcased in front of a large window and shares the spotlight with someone special. Meet "Chris". He is an amazing vintage Store display Santa from the 1950's.

Chris stands about 5ft tall and is positioned in front of the large bay window at Christmas. He is a favorite with the neighborhood children and they always look for him in the window each season as the bus drives by. I just love him!

Now that we've toured the music room, lets move to the family room.

This sweet little tree greets you as you enter the family room. Launa created a memory tree to honor loved ones that have already passed on. Its filled with cherubs and gold frames, each featuring a loved one.

This frame holds a picture of our Grandmother. Many of the heirlooms you see in my home, as well in Launa's home today, belonged to her.

The family room has an impressive brick fire place that is built from floor to ceiling. This year a special nutcracker stands guard next to it. Meet "Pierre Noel'"!

Isn't he amazing? Pierre was a Christmas gift from her husband a couple of years ago. He is very detailed and makes quite the impression in person.

The fireplace area is always so cozy and a great spot to sit and relax. My son loves this area because my sister has had all of cousins spend the night before and they got to roast marshmallows and make smores. We don't use our fireplace at home, so this is a special memory for him.

Also check out her antique fire place screen!

This hand carved antique swan chair I just found recently while thrifting and gifted it to her. Can you believe it was only five dollars!?

Next we will tour the dining room. Many of good times and laughs have been shared here.

The antique mirrored buffet that you see here, belonged to our Grandparents and is a special focal point of the room.

She always has it decorated so nicely! This Christmas she displayed a beautiful ceramic Madonna that our Aunt made many years ago.

Hanging above the buffet is an amazing ''Putti" style cherub playing a violin.

He is my absolute favorite!

Can you believe she found him at a thrift store!?! She has the best luck at finding cherubs.

Another cherub that she recently found is displayed beautifully in her antique silver on the dining room table.

I absolutely love it!

The dining room tree is elegantly  done up in frosted fruits, birds, magnolia branches and gold accents.

Here you see two heirloom pictures that belonged to our Great Grandparents. The are absolutely beautiful.

A sweet vintage nativity sits under the tree.  In the background you can also see her amazing European bar cart.

The last room we will be touring is the downstairs living room. As you walk down the stairs you will see this sweet vintage mistletoe featuring Santa and Mrs. Claus. This was our Grandma's.  Launa  was so sweet to surprise me and our other sister with our very own similar ones a couple of years back at Christmas. I absolutely love mine and have it hanging in my doorway, with a pink ribbon of course.

The downstairs family room is where we open our gifts on Christmas morning.

The tree down here has a very vintage vibe. Growing up we always decorated our Grandpa's tree for him and Launa's tree in this room is very similar to how his was decorated.

Grandpa's tree was always decked out with simple balls, vintage ornaments and of course tinsel! We love tinsel!

I absolutely adore this tree, and the topper is absolutely amazing! Its a very old painted Santa face, and I believe its made out of paper mache.

She literally found this at a garage sale!! Oh my goodness its an amazing find!!

The sled in front of the tree was her husband's grandmother's.

The stockings are hung with care along the banister.

Such beautiful sight!

I'm so glad that I was able to take you on this tour of my Sister's and her family's home.

I hope you enjoyed seeing it!

The Joyce Family wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Thank you for visiting!



  1. It's a gorgeous home! I love all the special things from your Grandparents, and special memories you create in her home each year! Thanks for sharing~Larisa💕

  2. What a great idea is the Memory Tree! I like her nutcracker--it's the only one I've seen that isn't scary. Beautiful decorating job. Merry Christmas to all of you!

  3. What a stunning home with so many beautiful, varied themes and scenes! I LOVE IT ALL! Every square inch is a delight for the senses! 😍 Thank you for sharing!

  4. What a fun treat Larissa! I enjoyed this tour so much. An eye for design and a good vintage find is obviously in your family genes!


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