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Dollar Tree Autumn Wreath

Now that its the first of August I start thinking of autumn decor. Today I wanted to share a budget friendly autumn craft that I created using mostly Dollar Tree supplies. I wanted to get this post out early so if you wanted to create your own wreath, the supplies would still be available at Dollar Tree.

There has been a lot of buzz around the new velvet pumpkins that Dollar Tree is offering this year, so I decided to check them out for myself. I absolutely love velvet pumpkins and usually make my own each fall. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Dollar Tree velvet pumpkins and decided to take advantage of the one dollar price tag and create a couple of wreaths. There were several colors to choose from, but I ended up choosing white and orange.

For the first wreath you are going to need 8 white velvet pumpkins.

Next you will need a circular wire wreath form from the Dollar Tree. When we create our wreath we will be using the backside of the wire form.

You will also need one-two bags of Dollar Tree moss.

Ribbon. Dollar Tree has lots of options when it comes to ribbon, but I like to get mine at Walmart. I chose a pretty pink satin.

This is such a simple project. Start by adding a large circular amount of hot glue to the underside of your velvet pumpkin and immediately stick to the wire wreath form which should be underside up so that the wreath is cradling each pumpkin.

Continue until all pumpkins have been attached securely with hot glue.

Next you will need to fill the empty spaces between each pumpkin with the moss. Be careful not to burn your fingers while doing this step. As I am editing these photos, I noticed that I have some spots on my wreaths that need more moss, so I will be going back to add more! Don't skimp on the moss, especially if you are hanging your wreath on a mirror.

Once that is finished, cut your desired length of ribbon and tie a simple shoelace tie around the bottom of your wreath.

Now you are ready to hang it! I hung my wreath with clear fishing line, but a ribbon would be pretty also.

I love how simple and elegant this wreath is.

I actually tried to purchase a white velvet pumpkin wreath similar to this one last year from Joann Fabrics but they sold out quickly. For roughly eleven dollars, I think this wreath is just as pretty and elegant!

I do think I might change one thing to this wreath though...I might paint the stems a very light pink...I think that would be very pretty! If I end up changing it I will share another photo of it in a later post.

You could also add faux or dried flowers to this wreath as well to dress it up a bit. I really like my wreaths simple so I will probably leave mine as is.

The next wreath that I created is all about Halloween! I decided to go with the traditional orange pumpkins. When I decorate our front porch for Halloween I always go with the traditional orange and black. I feel like its very festive and kid friendly and this wreath will look great on our front door.

This wreath is created the exact same way as the white one. You will need eight orange velvet pumpkins.

Start adding your pumpkins to the wire form and don't forget to make sure its on the backside instead of the front.

Add your moss

This is optional but I decided to paint the stems of my orange pumpkins black with acrylic paint from Walmart. I thought it looked better than the brown.

Tie your ribbon of choice at the bottom of the wreath.

Now its finished! You have created a beautiful but traditional elegant Halloween wreath for very little money!

I staged my wreath on my mantel with some black crows. I'm loving the vibe that its giving off! Maybe closer to Halloween I might add some delicate black spider rings to it for a more spooky vibe.

I think my favorite wreath is actually the orange and black! So fun but very spooky elegant!

 I hope you decide to make a couple too!



  1. I have a question. Do you glue the moss between the pumpkins?

    1. Hi Donna!

      I didn't glue the moss between the pumpkins where they are touching because the space is so tight. I just pushed the moss into the cracks and it held up perfectly! I did glue the moss around the outside of the pumpkins and the wire frame. Hope this helps! Thank you for visiting!


  2. Okay I said I wasn't going to buy any more pumpkins this year but I simply must make one of these wreaths! Fabulous!

  3. Hey Amber!!

    I couldn't resist the velvet pumpkins from the Dollar Tree! I'm actually loving these wreaths! Thank you so much for visiting!! You are the sweetest friend!!


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  6. I staged my wreath on my mantel with tree skirtsome black crows. I'm loving the vibe that its giving off! Maybe closer to Halloween I might add some delicate black spider rings to it for a more spooky vibe.

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