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Parade of Bunnies

Easter is such a fun holiday to decorate for and I was so excited to be included in this wonderful "Hop into Easter" blog hop hosted by my dear friend Amber at Follow The Yellow Brick Home. Thank you so much Amber for hosting!
If you are coming over from Emily's beautiful home at Le Cultivateur  I would like to welcome you to Welch House! 

I do love Easter and springtime, but I have to be honest when I say that I have such a hard time decorating for this time of year! I don't have a lot of Easter decor or spring decor, and the items I do have seem to clash with one another. This year I decided to only bring out my very favorite items for the holiday and those items were my small collection of Faux chocolate bunnies.

I have been collecting these cuties for a long time now, and as much as I love them, I have the hardest time blending them into my Easter decor. 

After some thought, a light bulb went off in my head...why don't I group them together and create a sweet bunny vignette  instead of spreading them all over the house!?

I really didn't want to spend any money on this idea so I started "shopping" my house. As I started digging through cabinets and armoires I realized that I had quite the collection of urns and other "urn-like" items...but how would I be able to make them all flow together? Another light bulb goes off in my paint. I absolutely love gold gilded mirrors and dressers, why not gild my urns? So I did just that and added a bit of dark wax to age them. Perfect!

I decided to showcase each of my bunnies in their very own urn pedestals. I filled each one with some Spanish moss and a few colored eggs. I absolutely love the way it turned out! Everything you see on top of my piano aside from the bunnies, I have thrifted for just a few dollars each. In fact the mirror I found at a garage sale for $12 and the chandelier for only $5 at another garage sale last summer.

These two sweet little bunnies I grouped together and they look like they are giving each other a kiss.

The tall bunnies on the ends are my very favorites. I bought them at JoAnne Fabrics years ago and I love their vintage vibe.

With all of the bunnies lined up on the piano it just reminded me of an Easter Parade line up. I am going to do this set up every year I think. It will be fun to search for more chocolate rabbits and pretty containers to display them in, throughout the year.

On the dining room mantel I decided to display another chocolate rabbit in a very rustic basket. 

I added soft pink satin ribbons to the sides.

Speaking of bunnies....

There seems to be one more that popped up recently here at Welch House.

Meet the newest addition to our family...a sweet girl that we named Antoinette.
We've had her since late February and she is much bigger now! These are just some of the very first photos that I snapped a couple of weeks after she arrived at her forever home.

We love her! 

Also here is a sneak peek at my next blog post...I cant wait to share it with you.

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you enjoyed seeing my "Parade of Bunnies!"
Next up is Decorate and More with Tip where I'm sure you will find more beautiful Easter inspiration!!


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  1. Oh my goodness--I love every detail! Your sweet pet bunny is the perfect finale to your parade of bunnies! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  2. Oh how fun, I love all of your bunnies, so pretty and so different.

  3. Oh my word, Larissa, how cute is Antoinette! I can't believe how small she was and such a sweetie pie too. Every detail on your post is stunning, as always. I love the way you put things together, lady, it's all beautiful! Hugs, CoCo

  4. Unbelievably gorgeous parade and they look so real! Now I am so excited to see what urns and bunnies you find throughout the year. Everything is perfection. Antionette is the cutest! Thank you for hopping with us!

  5. Your piano is stunning. I love the chocolate bunnies on the top. Lovely vignette. Your rabbit is just precious. We used to have a rabbit. So much fun.

  6. Your pink piano will forever be engraved on my heart. And oh my golly Antoinette is adorable. I had bunnies when I was younger and loved their sweet personalities and soft coats. Everything looks beautiful as always. Happy Easter!

  7. Larissa I am just loving your home. That little bunny is adorable. I love the piano like everyone else. Very pretty. Hope you and your family have an awesome Easter season.

  8. Larissa,
    Exquisite! ... 1) What kind of dark wax do you use? 2) I need to shop garage sales with you... I would love a small chandelier like yours over my dining room table.... 3) Antoinette! Scrolling along enjoying everything, pinning, then along came Antoinette. She is absolutely adorable! What a great fur baby.


  9. Oh Antoinette is a heart stealer, Larissa! Your mantel is so wonderful...a combination of elegance and whimsy that totally charms me!

  10. Larissa, your fireplace and mantel are gorgeous! I love how you grouped your bunnies all together in a display; much more impact all together! They're beautiful in your gold urns. And love your stacked floral display!

  11. Larissa, your home always inspires me! I absolutely adore your style!! As always, this is all so beautifully done!!
    ~Emily @

  12. I love your bunnies on parade - especially Antoinette.

  13. Your mantel display with faux chocolate bunnies is exquisite! I couldn't stop admiring your beautiful photographs. When I finally got to the end of your post, I was delighted to see Antoinette. What a cute and sweet little bunny!

  14. Antoinette is as sweet as can be. Your faux chocolate bunnies are beautiful and the way you styled them is perfect. It is too bad you have had trouble styling them in the past, but I think you have done a perfect job!

  15. Beautiful post with so many gorgeous details, I could study the photos for hours. Love your sweet bunny, she is just precious!

  16. What beautiful vignettes! Those flowers are stunning mixed in with the candles and all the bunnies! And Antoinette is just darling!

  17. I think I pinned each and every photo. the "chocolate" bunnies are wonderfully displayed in your urns and vintage pieces. really beautiful and so inspiring. the photo of Antoinette in the hatbox is one in a million! precious!

  18. Larisa, bee still my heart --- I adore your faux chocolate bunnies and how you displayed them all! I too have a collection that I usually use to create a centerpiece on the dining room table ( THe last two years I haven't been able to find any new additions for my collection. One gentleman contacted me to try to locate my largest rabbit --- he has over 50 in his amazing collection!

  19. Larisa, I just love all your bunnies (especially the real one!). Your home is stunning and I love how you decorated it all for spring and Easter!

  20. You take top prize for having a real live bunny in this blog hop! Antoinette is so cute. She reminds of the time our kids all had their own bunnies when they were younger and living at home. Your faux chocolate bunnies look so delicious, especially how you've displayed them. I don't think I've met you before, but I'm thrilled to be in this blog hop with you, courtesy of Amber. Wishing you a Happy Easter P.S. Love, love your dining room mantel!

  21. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Your bunny collection with your vintage home are so sweet. And the new addition to your family....precious!!

  22. Larissa, I never knew there were faux chocolate bunnies. Yours are adorable. Love the gold idea and the grouping on the piano is definitely Easter parade worthy. Your real bunny was a surprise! So cute.

  23. This is amazing. I would love it if you would share this on the Fabulous Friday Link Party this Friday. You can find the link on my website, Peacock Ridge Farm. Blessings to you.


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