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The Painted Lady

When we came to look at Welch House one of the first things that I noticed was a very unassuming piano in the living room. It was an extremely dark wood, almost black and very plain.
It stood quietly in the living room not giving up any secrets of it's past life and no one offered an explanation for it, except that it would be staying with the house.

So I moved the quiet unassuming piano to the dining room and there it sat for several years...never quite fitting in with its surroundings. One day I couldn't resist any longer and added a coat of white creamy paint to the piano. It seemed happier after that...but still something was missing.

So after a while I gifted the little plain piano a piece of jewelry of sorts..a beautiful floral wreath appliqué.

Then came a lovely set of vintage Italian tole sconces... yet still something was not quite right.

After a lot of debate on my part and second guessing myself, I decided to take a leap of faith and ordered a gorgeous pink chalk paint from Annie Sloan, called Antoinette. After brushing on a few strokes of the pale pink paint I could almost hear the piano sigh with happiness. With just two coats of paint she was transformed.

 Finally the unassuming little piano fits in with her surroundings, a true beauty. We have been working on a new look in the dining room. Its been months of stripping wallpaper, repairing walls and gallons of white paint.

Gorgeous wall panels have been added and slowly the dining room is taking on a fresher old world look.

The newly painted pink piano shines against the crisp white walls.

She is content with her place in the world.

Its a joy to walk into the dining room now and see this painted beauty. I'm so happy that I took a decor risk and ended up adding some unexpected charm to a very plain piano with a coat of pink paint.

Have you ever taken a decor risk and ended up with a beautiful outcome?



  1. Sensational, Larissa! Great choices in colors, textures and space.

    1. Oh my goodness Anita! Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my blog! It truly means so much!!!

  2. This is Anita, from Les Dames D'abord on IG!

  3. Larissa,
    Truly elegant! The sconces are the finishing touches. I am in love with your chandelier. Is it new or vintage? If new, what is the source?



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